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● Shipping Methods: Offer a variety of shipping methods to provide customers
with options that fit their needs and budget. This may include standard
shipping, expedited shipping, and shipping.
● Shipping Costs: Clearly communicate shipping costs to customers before
they complete their purchase. Consider offering free shipping promotions or
discounts for larger orders.
● Delivery Times: Provide estimated delivery times for each shipping method.
Keep in mind that delivery times may vary based on the destination, shipping
method, and availability of the product.
● Tracking and Delivery Confirmation: Provide customers with a tracking
number and delivery confirmation once their order has shipped. This helps
customers track their packages and ensures that the package is delivered to
the correct address.
● Returns and Exchanges: Clearly communicate your return and exchange
policy to customers. Consider offering free returns or exchanges to provide
customers with added peace of mind.
● Packaging: Use high-quality packaging materials to ensure that products are
protected during shipping. Consider using eco-friendly packaging materials to
reduce your environmental impact.
● Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service and support for
shipping-related inquiries. Respond promptly to customer inquiries and
provide updates on shipping status when necessary.

How Does Ordering Work?

Once you have added your products to your cart, you can proceed to the checkout
page. If you are shipping to the U.S.A, your checkout will be serviced by our website.
Does Uashine have Shipping Restrictions?
Shipping restrictions are limitations or prohibitions on certain products that cannot be
shipped to certain countries due to legal, regulatory, or logistical reasons. These
restrictions vary from country to country and can be based on factors such as
product type, size, weight, and value.
Some common shipping restrictions include:
● Prohibited items: Certain items are prohibited from being shipped
such as live animals, weapons, and hazardous materials.
● Restricted items: Some items may be restricted due to regulatory
requirements or import/export laws, such as food, plants, and
● Size and weight limitations: Some may have size and weight
limitations on packages that can be shipped, and oversized items may
not be eligible for shipping.
● Value limitations: Some may have restrictions on the maximum value
of goods that can be imported, and items over a certain value may be
subject to additional taxes and duties.
It is important to check the shipping restrictions for the destination country before
placing an order to avoid any issues or delays in shipping. It is recommended to
contact the customer service team if you have any questions or concerns about
shipping restrictions.

What is Uashine Pricing?

If VAT applies to your destination country, this charge is included in the item price. At
checkout, Duty & VAT charges are combined; you may still see an amount on that
line if duties apply to your order.
The prices on our product pages include a Service Fee, which covers any additional
fulfillment costs to destinations. This fee is included to help us provide a wider range
of products and a higher level of service for our customers. We are constantly
working to improve our systems to help reduce these charges.

What Are Uashine Shipping Charges?

Shipping rates and fees will vary based on the item and shipping destination. There
are no additional charges or duties when the product arrives at your door, unless
otherwise stated at check out.
Shipping rates are calculated during checkout based on your desired service level,
item type and quantity, the total weight of your order, and the destination’s postal code.
Additional charges related to shipping, duties, or tax are available at checkout for
review before you complete your purchase.

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